Hikari no Tabi
The Journey of Light
Sequel of "The Lone Fighter's Final Battle"

Left to Right: Panboukin, Bardock, Totepo, Toma, and Celipa


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Hikari no Tabi
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    Fifty years in the past there was once a race known as the Saiya-jin. Everyone knew their purpose in life: to kill other beings and to be allegiant to the Planet Trade --Freeza, more specifically. No one knew quite for sure if Freeza had ever promised the Saiya-jin anything at all, but no one ever imagined he would betray them!

    There were only two Saiya-jin who actually knew about his treachery. They were Bardock and Toma, but Toma was quite unfortunate to die before he could do anything except to tell Bardock what Freeza intended to do: kill the Saiya-in. However there were three others who also helped Bardock along to revolt against him: Panboukin, Totepo, and Celipa. Though they were dead at the time he learned of the betrayal, the sight of their dead bodies as well as Toma's on Meatsei was enough for him to desire revenge. Bardock also planned to save all of the Saiya-jin and their home planet in the process.

    But he failed. And in the end there were only very few Saiya-jin roaming the universe, none of them at all female and two of them ending up dead.

    Not all hope was lost. There's a Resurrector and his lover in the heavens who decided to interfere with the way of life and to give the Saiya-jin race a second chance. Or, perhaps, just the four dead Saiya-jin on Meatsei a second chance to live...

[ Updated: February 22, 2001 ]
Warnings: Little cursing, various battle scenes, violence, mature themes
Rest assured; there are no Japanese language in the story.
I also choose to not acknowledge Dragonball GT.

Rated: PG13
(varies according to the reader's imagination)
Genre: Drama

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