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I normally don't like to spend a lot of time with links pages. Besides, don't you rather me work on the story instead of a links page? Therefore, I don't want you to e-mail me asking for a link to your website. If you want me to visit your website, either get in contact with a couple of my friends with the link and if they like it enough they'll give me the link or hope it gets popular and I visit it.

The list below may seem like a rather large list for a person who works on almost nothing but the story when she's on the computer, but there are a lot of good websites I found and felt the need to link to. Those are the sites below (in no particular order):

Links will be added and deleted sparingly and will not be mentioned in the updates.

Fanfictions -- Epics

Dragoness Eclectic's Dragonball Z FanFics - Don't you love it when people write about Raditz? Shame that he didn't get more recognition. Anyway, this place has a great collection of Raditz fanfictions written by the webmistress. And I don't mean by quantity. I mean by quality.

Dragonball Super Z Senshi - Another great story, explaining how Mirai no Trunks dealt with life after returning to the future.

Dominion: Reprise - Well, this story tops off as one of the best Dragonball fanfictions as a whole on the entire web. Kind of eerie, too, if you ask me.

The Silent One - Piccolo Jr. (the son of the original Piccolo --you know who I'm talking about) finally has a son. It was to happen someday, and it has! One problem: his son is deaf. I have yet to catch up with this story, but it shows much potential. I recommend you go read!

(You notice how most of the above starts with the letter 'D'? I just did.)

Fanfictions -- Collections/Archives

Juunigou's Day - There are a lot of essays that you might want to look into, including the Mary Sue Litmus Test, which I suggest anyone who has created a new character for their fanfiction go see (especially if she happens to be a Saiya-jin female).

Forged by Destiny: The Forgotten Warriors - Chaotic Serenity, my beta-reader, also loves Toma and crew and happens to write marvelous stories about them. They are unique and very original. If you don't want to read stories about Toma and the others, then there are some extra goodies for you, too. 

Anzu's Domain - "Kyoudai" is a very interesting story I suggest you look into, but that's not the only reason why I want you to go to this site. The Conspiracy Department gets to be very interesting, and Fight of the Century is one of my favorites! Also check out Particle Man --I have yet to see it myself, but everyone else says it's hilarious!

The (Good) Fanfiction Webring - A collection of fanfictions for the strict readers. That means that these fanfictions are excellent with no flaws whatsoever.

The Truly Evil Fanfiction Webring - Like evil as much as I do? Like it when people do evil things to your favorite characters? Are you just plain evil? Here's an archive full of evil fanfiction, just for you!

(The Good Fanfiction Webring. The Evil Fanfiction Webring. This could get interesting...)

Fanart and FanManga Galore!

B-Chan's Homepage - Words cannot describe how excellent her work is! There's mangas, fanart, fanfiction, etc. If you're looking for great fanart, this is the place to go!

The Madhouse - More great fanart, plus this is one of the only places I personally like to go for my dose of Vegeta and Bulma.

AniMiko Central - The fanmangas on this site are wonderfully done! My personal favorite is Female Saiya-jin Triah. Don't ask why; go read it for yourself to find out! Also, the fanart is very well-done.

Hey Monkey - A Bardock shrine, but what I really like about this site is that it has excellent fanart and lovely scanned doujinshi. If you know me well enough, you should know that I'm fanatical over doujinshi. ~_^

(All the pretty, pretty pictures can be found at the above websites. ~.^)

Miscellaneous -- Just Out of the Blue Stuff

[Anime Web Turnpike]
Anime Web Turnpike
- The place for links to other pages. Why isn't this in the self-promotion section? Because it doesn't really count as self-promotion --they are very strict on their link submissions, and whenever there's backlog they turn down any new submissions until they are finished with those that came in first. Links to more links, including Dragonball!

Victory! Violence and Peace Unite! - A personal space on the web for me, featuring the five manga/anime I love the most: Rose of Versailles, X, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragonball Z, and Sailor Moon S.

Project Declan - A beta-reader group, and the people who proofread each chapter as I finish writing them. They will pre-read anything of any series --except maybe the explicit stuff.

Tips for Fannish Writers - This is one of the many good sources for help with fanfictions. I used this for help with writing the outlines for all the stories. Very reliable, plus there are links to other sources for help with writing. (Star Trek related, though)

Second in Command - In my opinion, this sub-site of Miyuki's Bardock Shrine is a lot better and more organized than the main shrine itself. I could be a tad biased since this mini-site is dedicated to Toma. ^^; It's small, it's blue, and it's true for the majority of it.

MIDI Search Engine - Looking for MIDIs for your site or just for your enjoyment? Here's the search engine for you!

Ask Jesus - This is a hilarious website in which you can type in a URL and get it "Jesus-fied". I tried it out for the chapters of Hikari no Tabi, and I fell of my chair laughing at the Toma and Celipa argument in "An Amity Revived". Go see!

(Help with Fanfiction. My personal website. Anipike. Hmm...)

Places for Self-Promotion/Links to More Links

The Dragon Ball Search Engine Comic City

(I found it to be a terrible mistake to let my cousin get a hold of these search engines...)

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