Updates and News


February 22, 2001 - Chapter Seven of Planet to Planet is up! Chapter Five revisions are coming along slowly but surely! I also joined two webrings and taken off the code for the FAW webring so it won't look so cluttered
January 27, 2001
- Chapter Six of Planet to Planet is finally up! Chapter Five is under revision, so Chapter Seven will come along slowly, but more quickly than Six. Sorry for the wait!
November 28, 2000
- Chapter Five of Planet to Planet is up! Also, Toma's name is not Tora. He never called Bardock "friend". Clear on that?
October 21, 2000
- Chapter Four of Planet to Planet is up at last!
September 8, 2000
- Chapter Three is finally up! More reorganization has been done to the main page, too.
September 2, 2000
- Chapter Three is almost completed; I plan to have it up by next week, if possible. There are some main page layout changes, and I added a FAQ Database.
August 15, 2000
- Okay, so I was home a week ago, but during my "vacation" I had no time to write. Chapter Two of Planet to Planet is finally up! But here's another reason why it was up so late: it's the longest of all the chapters. Enjoy!
July 28, 2000
- Joined the Anime Fanfiction Club, logo somewhere on the main page. More editing changes has been made to An Amity Revived (thanks, J^2!). The Pocket Bishonen section is finally up as well. *Evil grin* I'll be out of town from July 29 - August 5, so don't expect anything until I return. And when I return, Chapter Two of Planet to Planet will be up! ^_^
July 20, 2000
- Now that Planet to Planet has officially started, the image slogan at the top has changed! Chapter One of Planet to Planet is up! And I, um, heh heh, changed the layout on the main page. And I added in the Character Bios and the Character Frequently Asked Questions for those who have no idea who these four people are.

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