Who Are These Characters in the Story?

    No, I didn't make the characters up, if that's what you're thinking. As I said, this is a sequel of "Tatahitori no Saisho Kesen", widely known as the Bardock Television Special. If you've seen it, then you probably don't need to be here. If you have seen "Bardock: Father of Goku", you need to be here. No ifs, ands, or ors about it.
    If there are other websites that have at least two paragraphs on each character, there will be a link next to it. (It will open a new browser window) These will just be quickies; perhaps sometime in the future more will be added.

Toma (Funimation: Tora) - Recognized as one of the important characters of "Tatahitori no Saisho Kesen", for he was the one who told Bardock about how the crew was ordered to be killed and how Freeza betrayed the Saiya-jin. If you pay attention to the special, you'll probably realize that he and Bardock were really close.
Toma's Mini Shrine - A very good place to go to for details about his personality before his resurrection.
Memorable Line: "Listen. Go back to Vegetasei. Recruit our comrades and show Freeza the true strength and power of the Saiya-jin people..." --To Bardock; his last sentences and the words that pretty much convinced Bardock to rebel against Freeza.

Panboukin (Funimation: Shugesh) - The first Saiya-jin to have a line in the television special, and yet he has another very important part. If it weren't for him, Toma would've waited until Bardock was healed to go to Meatsei. I guess you could say it was his fault that the crew died, but then again, Toma was the one who agreed to his idea.
Memorable Line: "It's no use. We might as well go without Bardock this time." --To Toma; like I said, Panboukin's the one who suggested to leave without Bardock..

Celipa (Funimation: Fasha) - As my cousin pointed out to me, Celipa seemed to be the only one who even had the slightest interest in Goku's birth. She likes kids. Any significance to help the plot of "Tatahitori no Saisho Kesen" along? Not really. (Oh, besides the fact that she's the only female Saiya-jin who gets to say anything in the anime!)
Memorable Line: "Now that we've finished with this planet, how does it sound that you go back to Vegetasei and see him?" --To Bardock, concerning Goku/Kakarotto; the only real line this woman had.

Totepo (Funimation: Borgos) - A rather silent man, Totepo is. In fact, he doesn't have any lines to himself unlike the other three. He's always eating (thought Panboukin was the one who always did, didn't you?), which might contribute to the fact he's not saying anything. Here's an agreement among those who know who he is: he respects everyone's decisions. And he's the oldest member of the team, presumably.
Memorable Line: "......" --Not much I can say; I can't pinpoint exactly what he said when Bardock collapsed, and he only has this war scream later on so...

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