Character Frequently Asked Questions
Compiled by Miyuki, Answered by Victoria

     Trust me; these questions will not contain spoilers. Just a whole matter of answering questions that need to be answered so you can understand the characters enough to understand them more when you read the story. Special thanks to my cousin for putting the questions together!

I know who these Saiya-jin are, but those aren't their names!
I choose not to use the American version of "Tatahitori no Saisho Kesen" (Bardock: Father of Goku), thankyouverymuch. I don't even like the names that Funimation had given them. If you have only seen Funimation's version, then I recommend reading this first and heed my words: Toma is not Tora. If you mess that up, I will have to hunt you down and hurt you. Badly.

Toma and Celipa: Are they a couple?
One would think that they are if they ever took a peek at this picture (Yes, they are dead. Now quit bugging me!). In fact, there is a Japanese doujinshii (fanmanga) out there that features these two in a relationship... somewhat. I won't go into the details. And trust me; you don't want to hear the details. -.-S Of course, this is a very controversial subject. If you want to argue this with me or talk it over, feel free to e-mail me anytime.

You mentioned that Toma and Bardock might've been really close. Care to elaborate?
In e-mail, sure. Here, I'll just say that they might've been close pals. My cousin calls them "The Three Amigos", if Panboukin was included in there. In fact, if you watch "Tatahitori no Saisho Kesen" and read in-between the lines (or watch in-between the lines, whichever), you'll notice that they could pass as brothers (especially if you saw how Toma teased Panboukin and Bardock in the scene before Bardock was attacked). "The Three Amigos"... I think I like "The Three Stooges" better... ^^S

Are there any other fanfictions out there besides "Hikari no Tabi" that features these four characters?
As far as main characters go, only a couple. One by a friend of mine and another by my cousin. I'm not sure if either of them are ready to let me post up their links, so I'll keep it anonymous for now. However, there is an alternate universe that at least had them have cameos and/or minor parts, called Dark Ki. There's also one on The Restored Saiya-jin Homeworld where they have minor parts as well. The Bardock Story has not been updated in months, but I suspect that the author will include Toma and the others in the future. There's also Mythic Descent, which I recommend that you read. Kyoudai has them mentioned, too. There are a couple of stories on the Fanfiction Network that features them as well. Trust me; I've done my research. If there are any others please let me know!

If so little is known, how do you or readers know if they're put out of character or not in fanfictions?
Well, let's put it this way. If Toma shows no concern for any of his comrades when they are wounded, he's out of character. If Celipa treats kids as a nuisance, she's put out of character. If Totepo insults anybody (even his enemies), out of character. If Panboukin is patient voluntarily, he's out of character. Stuff like that. We're back at reading in-between the lines again.

I heard from a reliable source that Celipa is Goku's mother. Is this true?
Absolutely false. Why do you think so many fanfiction writers create a mother for Goku? Besides, Bardock and Celipa? Well, it depends on the reasoning. Personally, I don't like the idea all too much (but like I said: it depends on the reasoning).

I think I've seen those names before, except spelled differently.
Let's see here: Toma, Touma, Tomah (what I had to name my NeoPet 'cuz someone took Toma! >_<) Tora (Funimation's name for him. Revenge has not yet been taken); Panboukin, Panbuukin, Pan buukin, Panbukin; Celipa, Seripa, Selipa, Fasha (Funimation's spelling. Revenge still need to be taken); Totepo, Totepa, Toteppo. Well, there are a lot of other ways, but these just came at the top of my head. But my cousin used these spellings: Toma, Celipa, Panboukin, and Totepo, so naturally I used them as well. Easier than just coming up with your own spellings, methinks. Besides, I like them this way! It makes it look easier to pronounce.

Who's your favorite out of the crew?
Toma, of course! Why? He's the most fun to work with (and to play around with *evil grin*), he's compassionate (in other words, different than the normal Saiya-jin stereotype), and the third reason isn't really a good reason: he's the better looking of the five. ^_^

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