Dragonball Z and Fanfiction Explanations

    Okay, some of you I know have no clue what a Saiya-jin is, or anything about the deal with a guy named Freeza and these Saiya-jin. Some of you have no clue what fanfictions are! I don't blame you; after all, I did make you come to this site, right? (Or dared you. Or paid you. Whatever.)
This is mainly for my friends and others that I know in real life, so all you Dragonball Z fans who don't know me, get out! Unless you want to see what I have to explain to the other people, of course. ~_^

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Question: Have you ever been watching the season finale of your favorite television show --may it be a sit-com, soap, or regular show-- and wondered what happened next? Then have you imagined things over and over again about what the next season will be all about?

Or have you ever watched an entire series that has ended a long time ago, but there are a lot of plot holes and loose ends still not tied up? Or have you ever wondered, "Hey! What if that never happened?"

Then, have you ever jotted down your ideas on paper into a story format?

That is exactly what fanfiction is! It's a story written by fans of a series who uses those characters and settings to create a new story. It's not legal; but that's what the disclaimers are for. Like they said in Dogma, to save one's [censored]. But there are some published fanfictions out there. Look at the Star Wars books. They weren't written by George Lucas, yet they still got published. Oh, they definitely had permission and most likely had a lot of connections, but still!

Plus, writing anime fanfictions is much safer. Japanese copyrights are much different from American copyrights. Hey, look at doujinshii (published fan-made comic books/manga)!

I won't say that fanfiction is rare. It's not. Take a look at my links page and you'll see a bunch of fanfiction sites. Then head on over to the Fanfiction Network and see 60,000+ fanfictions on more than 100 categories (and over 10,000 authors)! And while you're there, check out their Forum and look at the discussions on fanfiction there. You might find something interesting.

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